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Resorts Gateway International understands that you want to enjoy your honeymoon after marriage. If you are not careful, some problems could make this more complicated. Getting married changes many things, and it is essential to consider them before you travel to avoid any issues.

Name Changes:

It is very common for the wife to take her husband’s family name when they get married. If you take your honeymoon right after you get married, you will not have the chance to change your name until you return legally. Do not forget that your ID will be in your maiden name. Do not book the ticket under your new name. TSA and the airlines may not accept your marriage certificate.

Resorts Gateway International Honeymoon Travel Tips 3

Leave an Itinerary:

Resorts Gateway International knows it is an excellent idea to let at least oa few person know where you are traveling and give them the phone numbers to contact you. Make sure they understand only to contact you in an extreme emergency. It is supposed to be your honeymoon, after all.

Resorts Gateway International Honeymoon Travel Tips

Think about Health Insurance:

If you are traveling abroad, ensure your health insurance covers you. You may need to purchase an another policy to protect yourself. Most often health insurance companies will not cover you abroad. So take out a travel policy. If something happens, you will not be hit with a massive bill. They are not very expensive and will make a difference in getting better treatment.

Check your Reservations:

A friend or relative could do this, but confirm all your travel plans a day or two before the wedding. Resorts Gateway International assumes you want to avoid surprises while traveling.

This is your time to bond and have the time of your lives. Lets us handle all your travel plans and make your honeymoon hassle-free and the best of times. Stay safe; don’t look too flashy when strolling around the street.

Resorts are safe; we will only put you in the best Resorts Gateway International condos, so security will not be an issue. Always use the hotel safe for passports and jewelry. Have lots of fun, and from all of us at Resorts Gateway International, enjoy your new life together.

Resorts Gateway International Honeymoon Travel Tips 4

Resorts Gateway International is a trusted name in travel. With locations in all the best destinations, we ensure every vacation you take with us is the best. With Resorts Gateway International in your corner, every holiday with us is the best of times.

Upgrade your vacation lifestyle with RGI and enjoy more travel for so much less. Every vacation you take with us is guaranteed to be the best it can be, so why wait? Book your next trip with Resorts Gateway International today!

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