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Resorts Gateway International members believe in living their best lives and spending as much quality time as possible with their loved ones.

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Everyone gets caught up in their everyday responsibilities. Work deadlines, school obligations, and community activities often leave little time to enjoy life on the most basic levels. That is why the knowledgeable and professional staff at Resorts Gateway International strive to make vacationing fun, easy and affordable again.

Vacations are so much more than just a reward for working hard all year. At Resorts Gateway International, we see vacations as the opportunity to slow down, reconnect with loved ones, explore new and exciting locations and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Resorts Gateway International members have hundreds of vacation destinations to choose from, including luxury resort stays, cruises with exotic ports of call, and adventure tours.


No matter what type of vacation you are looking for, membership with Resorts Gateway International gives you the flexibility to make your vacationing dreams come true.

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Our dedication to the ultimate level of customer service means that our members can always look forward to their next vacation. The dedicated staff at Resorts Gateway International understand how important it is to help our members break away from their routines and enjoy unforgettable holidays. They are ready to help every step of the way, from your first call until you return home from your holiday.

Because our vacation destination network includes hundreds of high-end resorts, members may choose to return to a favorite location or explore someplace new. Resorts Gateway International members travel with the knowledge that they will receive the same comfort and quality in their home away from home each time they book a vacation with us.

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Members of Resorts Gateway International want more. They want more out of life and better vacations than ever before. There are few better ways to recharge and reconnect than spending time with those most important to you in a luxury vacation condo. Our members want the best, and we strive to deliver time after time.

According to member reviews, there are numerous benefits to booking condo-style accommodations at any of our numerous resort affiliates. First, there are the savings. Members report spending less for a week in a resort condo than the average cost for hotel rooms in the same location. But the savings do not end there.

Resort properties with condo accommodations often include a wide variety of onsite amenities beyond just a pool. Fitness centers, wellness spas, onsite restaurants, kids clubs, and game rooms are just examples of activities available to members. And then there are the comforts inside the condo itself.

Whether traveling close to home or internationally, members of Resorts Gateway International enjoy the luxury of having all the comforts of home during their holidays. Spacious and well-appointed apartments with fully equipped kitchens, separate bedroom and living areas, and balconies are the norm. Going on vacation no longer means a downgrade to a cramped hotel room for you and your family.

Resorts Gateway International is ready to help you achieve all of your vacation dreams. Contact one of our representatives today for more information.

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